Application Development- Idea Transformation

Application Development- Idea Transformation

Application Development- Idea Transformation

Service Village! We couldn’t have had a better name. A group of like-minded individuals came together to create something different, and that is our village. The passion to be different is evident in all our creations. Within a short time, we have made a difference, and our customers trust us to do it right for them, every time. Whether it is a startup or a corporate, our team spends as much time possible, with the client to understand their existing business, their requirements or planned business model. We are not just a development team for your company, we offer much beyond technology development, with an experienced team possessing multiple skills, equipped with the courage to evolve with developing technology, and the confidence we have earned from our previous projects, we will help you convert your imagination into reality. As the product team of your company, our efforts will surely cater to continuous improvement by analyzing the industry trends and competing technologies. The projects we take up usually involve  ERP systems, Android/iOS mobile applications, eCommerce applications, company websites, real-time booking solutions, and B2B solutions and covers industries like banking, real estate, on-demand services, location-based services, digital payment, process automation, etc.


Understanding the client requirement is very important to start the software development cycle. The client’s role here is to explain the business and its processes as detailed as possible so that the product team can create a full picture of the business and document it in such a way that it builds the base for the new journey. In Serville, we don't just document what the client says, we ask questions, we find possible reference businesses and analyze their model, identify the risks and possible flaws in business models and help the clients to avoid such risks from the very first step itself. The product team is a mix of technology, design and business people and hence the discussion is not only limited to the technology; this helps both client and technology team to build an overall design and structure of the business. A detailed business requirement document; covering the client business requirements, technology, roles and responsibilities of each team, technology architecture and data requirements, will be ready on completion of this discussion.   


Once the requirements are finalized and on approval by the client, Serville product team creates a prototype of the software that provides an understanding of the technical flow to the client. The prototype is created in software like Balsamiq or Marvel finally sharing the mobile or web view based on the product type and requirement. Our team then designs each page in detail so that the client can start preparing content and data in parallel while the application is getting ready. This ensures a clear picture of the output to the client. UI/UX designers start working on the page designs based on the prototype in reference to trending designs and international design standards.

Our many successful projects tell the same story; “Serville technologies was an immense support when we wanted to develop an in-house all-inclusive app, they took time to understand our needs, and was open to many iterations through its incorporation”  comments the Managing Director of Lifna Exporters LLP, a food export company for which we automated the purchase, inventory management, and sales processes. They were specific about their needs as the mobile app was to be used by lower level employees, the UI was iterated several times based on their requirement and was a huge learning experience for the whole Serville team.


We assign a project manager as the point of contact for all client communications and uses effective project management tools to manage the project. We have bi-weekly project review meetings and detailed communication with the client on a day-to-day basis to ensure the project timelines are adhered to. We do not prefer to have too many projects at a time and believe in delivering one quality product at a time that speaks for us in the market. This makes us prioritize the client’s project to meet the promised deliverables and continue to have a long term association with the clients.


Our teams’ core focus is on developing highly dynamic system; with robust architecture and scalable project scope for future growth. Detailed documentation with a business perspective and prototyping enables the technology team to decide the database architecture and structure for coding frameworks. Our team works on PHP frameworks and angular, HTML, CSS, Javascript for web application and native Android (Java) and iOS (Objective C, Swift 4.0) for mobile application. And, other hybrid application development platforms like Ionic, React Native, Xamarin based on client requirements. Product team’s involvement at each step ensures a defined and on-time project delivery with minimal errors. Periodic client reviews and project reviews make sure that the project is on track and the deliverables are met at each step. We have three levels of testing that ensure the deliverables meet the design standards, product standards and code review for speed and memory optimization.


Every company, both established and startup companies are focused on cost reduction side by side with technology infrastructure deployment and management and we prefer the same. Cloud hosting is always preferable in terms of cost and flexibility.  The client can make their choice amongst cloud services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Services depending on their project requirements. Hosting is offered as part of the project itself but maintenance is offered with signing AMC at a mutually agreed rate. We provide support up to six months from the delivery date based on the project size for bug fixing and system upgradations.


Serville Technologies provide 24x7 server management services even after delivery at a cost-effective rate. This enables the companies to maintain their cloud infrastructure at a minimal rate and manage Administration, Technical Support, Regular Monitoring, Backup Management, and Basic Security Auditing without having an internal team. Another highlight is that startups can use our existing call center services, operations team, branding, digital marketing, human resource management resources to kickstart their business until they are able to build in-house capabilities. This makes Serville a unique destination for startups and entrepreneurs to transform their dream into reality.

Having Serville take up the responsibility of managing the web technology for Maxvalue Credits  and investments was a big relief to us, we needed to make sure that the website and the information in it would cater to all our clients; and Serville delivered just what we had envisioned” says the Head- IT at Maxvalue Credits and Investments.