Engage and Track Sales Force

Engage and Track Sales Force

Engage and Track Sales Force

Sales forces are always on the move; to build the business and bring in revenue. Target is the only word that leads, motivates and at the same time intimidates each sales member in an organization throughout their career. The same team brings revenue for most of the companies and in other cases, they build the ecosystem or infrastructure to generate revenue. 

A time management survey conducted by a leading business magazine shows that a salesperson spends 35% of their time on selling and rest for everything else, other than selling. This shows a good picture of resource utilization in a sales team and if one drill down further, we get more relevant information regarding the sales scenario. Even though  61% of the sales resources admit the fact of having a management system in place, only 23% follows it judiciously. And, unfortunately, there is not a lot of great technology to support this task as 70% of sales people do not use any kind of software to manage their time. Hence it is very important to have an effective technology solution in place that will not only simplify the system but will also improve the processes and communication systems across the hierarchy in the organization...  

Major sales based companies find it difficult to track the sales team in the field thus relying solely on the details given to them as a report at the end of the day or they tend to leave it as it is in order to meet the targets. If you ask any manager to update the status of their resource on any time of the day, the answers would be either asking for some time to update the status or looking at the Whatsapp groups for such information. 

Role of social media platforms like ‘Whatsapp’ cannot be neglected in team management tactics. Many of the SMEs and startups and even corporate companies use WhatsApp as a team management tool to update the sales status, daily reports, etc. Mobile-based applications with tracking solutions will resolve the issue to an extent as sales team can check in and check out with their live locations and share locations in a specified time that can be logged against their daily activities. Tracking systems like this create a valid proof of a meeting by sharing the location while checking in for the same. Reporting Manager can easily track the employees with their employee id or mobile number through an admin panel and get their live status and detailed activities on a real-time basis.    

As per a survey, the sales team spend about 14% of their time on administrative works like updating reports and sales leads, preparing reimbursement files, preparing various reports and for complaint management. Average time spent on generating revenue or sales thus becomes a secondary factor consciously or otherwise,  in most of these companies. Enabling a travel mode feature will enhance the system to track the route during travel and to get accurate kilometer data to generate a precise and valid travel report. Other work and meeting related reports can also be generated from this software based on the daily activities and meeting updates, hence avoid the effort to work on reports separately. 

With the live tracking application, it will be much easier for sales team members to correlate their daily activities with travel details to generate reimbursement forms and send it to the concerned manager for approval through the mobile application even when they are traveling or is out of office. Another feature is that;  other reimbursements can be merged against this travel activity as it is connected with the daily activity report. Team members can also track the status of their reimbursements and escalate issues in case of delays in processing it. All the paperwork across the system on reimbursement can be removed and be kept transparent through the online system. This also avoids the effort of having to convert the paper files into online copies for future reference or as part of business continuity processes. Most meetings attended by the sales staff ought to be outside the office or even outside the city, but the application makes it easy to track as it is connected with travel and the feature will reduce the administrative work to a major extent thereby helping the team to focus on sales activities. 

Timely communication and task management hold huge importance across the sales hierarchy. A mobility solution application bridges this gap with proper job/task allocation and updations hence helping managers to monitor the status more easily and effectively. Reminders and other notifications are also possible even when salespeople are on the move and are avoiding continuous calls and messages. No additional report or documentation is required in the reporting hierarchy if the daily activities and tasks are managed through mobile applications. It enables the management to review the performance and costs incurred by analyzing the reports from the web admin panel with clearly defined milestones and guidelines.

A structured team chat or communication platform will enable better employee engagement by making it easier to share feedback, achievements, and concerns among all and escalate any problems as well.  

All this will bring about a huge difference in the sales team by improving the performance and reducing the tasks that are not revenue generators for the organization. Also, it creates a better and valid platform for feedback and appraisals as the data in the system is as per performance and cannot be manipulated beyond a certain limit.