Don’t come to work for us, come to work with us

Together, we learn, we play, we solve, we invent, we create, we grow We build a better world for everyone around us

Our employees are free thinking, and have the freedom to express. We like them to be involved in every aspect of business.

We work together to solve problems, and enjoy the creativity that comes from being together. Passion drives our innovation.

We grow by learning, and we learn while growing. Perfection is not an achievement for us, it is a part of our culture.

At Serville Technologies, we strive to create an inclusive, growth oriented, employee friendly, environment. If you think you are creative, have the commitment to succeed, the patience to learn, and the will to solve problems, you should be on our team. Apply now for one of the positions below.

UI/UX Designer

HTML 5, CSS3, SASS, JQuery



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