Biriyani Box

Biriyani Box

Biriyani Box is a Croydon (UK) based homemade Indian food delivery platform offers Indian homemade delicacies on-demand. BB is well-known for their 'Dum Biriyani' and Thanduri Chicken, this gives them the upper hand in the market with a taste of home and smell of spices while opening the dum after cooking. All spices are freshly grounded for our signature masala and selectively used in the preparation. They use various herbs which in fact are very much of medicinal value.

BB team wanted a web application that is simple and easy to order the products listed on the platform. The website must have the feel of Indian spices and logo should communicate the product they offer. Serville Technologies team designed logo with the concept of 'Aroma comes out of Dum Base' with the combination of Orange and White colours that communicate spiciness. And, the website is designed with the images of spices and biriyanis.

  • Client

    Biriyani Box Ltd

  • Sector

    Food Delivery

  • Services

    Homemade indian food varities

  • Type

    Web Application

  • Technologies Used

    HTML, Javascript, PHP

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