KYAAB- Online Cab Network

KYAAB- Online Cab Network

KYAAB is a customised on-demand taxi service aggregation platform, designed and developed in association with MKYAAB Software Services Pvt Ltd and various online drivers associations in Kerala. Serville Technologies played an important role in defining the product idea and business model. Our consulting team has involved from the inception stage with the founders of the company and prepared the business model and plan for next level discussions. And, we took over the technology side of KYAAB and developed a robust solution that is customised as per the local requirement of our state. 

KYAAB is designed with a focus on creating a platform that enables

  - A localised platform for users across Kerala to use the on-demand taxi service in futures, understanding the geographical specialities of our state

  - Easy driver allocation with less turn around time 

  - Flexible fare calculation algorithms that are transparent to users and drivers 

The platform is available on Android and iOS platforms and the mobile application is developed with well understanding of the future scope for expansions and feature additions. Serville Technologies involved in all the areas of this project from consulting, branding, product development and technology development. Also, involved in operationalising the project with initial business discussions and social media engagement programs. 

  • Client

    MKYAAB Software Pvt Ltd

  • Sector

    On-Demand Services

  • Services

    On-Demand Taxi Services, Fleet Management

  • Type

    Mobile Application (Android and iOS)

  • Technologies Used

    Native Android and iOS applications, Node JS

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