LFPAC Corporate Website

LFPAC Corporate Website

Little Flower Placement and Consultancy (LFPAC) is one of the most professional and trustworthy nursing agencies that handles training, recruitment and placement of Nurses and Allied Health professionals to hospitals in India. Nursing demands knowledge of healthcare, compassion and gentle care to go hand-in-hand, we understand the core values and focus on proactively seeking opportunities to improve the quality of healthcare while balancing the cost for our clients.


  • Branding- Serville has been onboarded to creating a strategic marketing plan for LFPAC focusing on online presence, create better talent pool and easy communication online.  
  • Website Development- LFPAC corporate website is designed to improve the company's presence online in the new era and reach to more candidates through digital marketing initiatives. Company has created a good reputation in the healthcare industry by offering the best candidate pool to hospitals in recent years and the website is focused to accelerate the business across the country. The website has focused on aspects of Digital marketing perspectives and has captured the latest design trends. 
  • Digital Marketing- Serville drives the Digital Marketing campaigns for LFPAC.     
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    Little Flower Placement and Consultancy

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    Recruitment Consulting

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    Recruitment Consulting, Campus Placement, Nurse Recruitment

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    Corporate Website

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