MaxValue Credits & Investments

MaxValue Credits & Investments

MAXVALUE Credits & Investments Ltd. is an innovative venture providing high-quality financial services to the common man. The team behind this venture draws from various walks of life having longstanding experience and expertise in different areas of financial services. Their products are designed to keep a long and enriching relationship with our valued customers. And, vision is to become one of the best providers of superior financial services to the common man and to build their trust and confidence in the most professional manner.

Serville Technologies was asked by the MaxValue management to design and develop a fully dynamic corporate website that has the creative element in each and every page. Also, it was very important to communicate the brand elements throughout the website with the brand colours and the right contents. Our first task was to replace the existing website that was created using a Wordpress template and design a bootstrap based and dynamic site that stands out on the internet while a user search for it. Serville Product team spent time in understanding the NBFC online market and studied the various sites that have been ranked top on the internet. All these learning have been documented and then product team and UI Designers designed a prototype with support of content writer for desired content that helps in SEO and clear communication of the Company's vision.

Web Development team developed the admin panel that enables the company's digital marketing team to update the images and content based on requirements without the support of the third-party and make sure that the site is updated. This panel is integrated with the front-end HTML pages designed by our UI team. And, the final output was exactly what the client was looking for! Serville Technologies promises quality output that stands in par with industry and design that compete with the trends. It's now a stronger bond between MaxValue team and us and we are sure it's gonna be long and growing one in the coming days.

"We've been working with Serville for the two years, they are extremely professional to work with and overall consistent in meeting our expectations. Timely and 24x7 prompt assistance makes them remain ahead in the alliance." -Rajesh Menon Head (Information Technology)


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    Maxvalue Credits And Investments LTD

  • Sector

    Banking & Finance

  • Services

    Gold Loan, Property Loan

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    Corporate Website

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