Ostrych.com is the stitchers of class, comfort and a Kaleidoscope of colours and sold in the global market exclusively by ostrych.com. Stitchostrych is a basic idea of presenting the best cotton texture with voguish solace and accentuation on quality.

The team at ostrych.com believes in spreading happiness. So if wearing our attire gets a grin and confidence in your appearance, that is the ultimate satisfaction we get. Anything closest to a human body is the apparel that you wear, that is how close and they Stichostrych wants to be with customers.


  • Marketing Consulting- Serville team is working with the team to create a long term marketing strategy focuses on building an international apparel brand with a mix of both online and offline marketing campaign. Online activities are focused on creating traction to the website and further generate sales online. Offline practices are designed to create a customer experience, brand positioning and visibility.  
  • Digital Marketing- Digital Marketing activities are mainly through SEO and SMO activities and collaboration with other online eCommerce platforms. 
  • Public Relations- All official communications from Stitch Ostrych is designed and finalised by our team in Kochi and that is considered to be one of the major aspects in positioning the brand among potential users.
  • Client

    Stitch Ostrych Lifstyle Services Pvt Ltd

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    Online tShirt Brand, Home Delivery

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    Digital Marketing, Social Media Engagement

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    Google Tag Manager, FB Pixel, Google Analytics

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