TravelnGo Travel Booking Platform

TravelnGo Travel Booking Platform

TravelnGo is one of the niche customised travel partners for your holidays, bringing cherishable travel experience to those who love to explore the places that cannot be visited during your regular travel packages. This concept brought TravelnGo to Serville where our skills of creating a unique customer experience while being in the web platform. The idea of creating simple but easy flowing pages that can be noticed by those who look for customised travel packages. 

Serville designed an illustrative based home page that can keep the customer stay for sometime looking at the beauty of concept introduced by TravelnGo. Secondly, the package listing page offers an easy listing concept with all the required filters to compare the right and affordable packages, the further detailed page gives a full understanding of the same. And, we think we justify the concept and bring the right mix of informal but simple design across the pages. Rest is your say, do you like the site? 

  • Client

    TravelnGo Tours

  • Sector

    Travel Industry

  • Services

    Customised Travel Packages, Group Travel Packages, Holiday Trip Organizer

  • Type

    Online Booking Platform

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