Worcoft Spaces Private Limited is a Bengaluru based startup focuses on providing on-demand coworking spaces, meeting rooms and hot desks online on the worcoft.com platform. Worcoft enables the professionals and corporates to search and book the conference rooms/meeting rooms or the startups to find the affordable coworking spaces at their favourite area in real time. The platform is connected with the major coworking centers in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai and the integration with their CRM makes sure that the client gets a room of their choice online at affordable rates.

Serville Technologies' role was to enable the client with the right technology to empower their business and scale up to the next level with data and better user experience. Our product team analysed similar businesses and various online platform, both international and domestic, to understand the business and service delivery model; shared prototype and design that meets the domestic requirement and international design standards. Admin Panel is designed to manage the center data in real-time with a merchant portal for local centers and integration with corporate centers, this provides end-user the flexibility to check the availability real-time and book spaces online. The web portal designed with the focus on

   - Mobile compatibility (making the booking process easier on mobile phones)

   - Real-time availability check 

   - Easy navigation across pages

   - Office spaces on the map

   - Faster checkout process

   - Secure and easy payment solution

Jithin Raj (Cofounder and CEO) says " We approached Serville after going through a difficult journey with another development team. There were lots of promises in the initial stages and as the progress happened, we realized there was mismatch between our idea and expectations and the work delivered. We had to pull out as we realized we will never get the product we envisioned.

While we are based in Bangalore and Serville in Kochin, initial hesitation was always there due to the distance factor in terms how this would pan-out. However, we decided to give it a shot and decided to reveal the product idea to Serville and deliberate on the initial steps before going for full development.

Initial call itself, Serville team could grasp the concept and get our vision of the product to be developed. Further discussions were even more productive as Serville did more market research and came with suggestions for further enhancement of the product. We always wanted a partner who could work alongside us rather than a pure vendor who could execute a product. All my initial fears went away and I had the full confidence in handing over the project to Serville. So far its been great working with Serville having released our Phase-1 and further developments already under progress. Serville will be a trusted partner and an extension arm to any company who’s looking to utilize Serville’s services."

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    Worcoft Spaces Private Limited

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    On-Demand Services

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    Online Real Estate, Coworking space,

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    Web Application

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